“Creating the scoring criteria produced revealing results, that only could have been achieved by following Norveld’s deployment process, which I found to be straight-forward and logical.”

Continuous Improvement Leader, Regional Municipality

Flexible Deployment

Strategy Implementaion

eCision will look and feel like it is designed for your organization. And in many ways, it is!

We recognize that your organization has distinct requirements. Our strategic process facilitators will guide your team through the deployment, making sure eCision benefits your organization’s specific needs. From the drop-down menus to the criteria for assessing value, challenge, and priority, eCision will support your organization’s strategy, capabilities, and unique operational requirements.

Software as a Service

The cloud-based platform simplifies access, ensures uptime, and streamlines updates. Your Norveld team stands ready to provide ongoing support to ensure that you realize the full benefits of eCision.

  • No need to install or maintain software
  • Quick and easy implementation at low cost
  • Secure data backups